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Celebrating Recognition

Honoring the Journey of 'Kanyini'

From the vast, spiritual landscapes of Australia to the hearts of audiences worldwide, 'Kanyini' has embarked on an incredible journey since its premiere. At its essence, 'Kanyini' is more than a film — it's a bridge connecting ancient wisdom with contemporary understanding, a call to recognize our shared humanity and responsibilities. This page is dedicated to celebrating the honors and recognitions 'Kanyini' has received, a testament to the power of storytelling and the universal resonance of its message.

Recognized for its significant contribution to cultural preservation and presenting Indigenous philosophies and ways of life with respect and depth.
Best Documentary

Discovery Channel, Best Documentary, Inside Film Award (2006)

Glenfiddich, Independent Spirit, Inside Film Award for Kanyini (2006)

Glenfiddich, Independent Spirit, Inside Film Award


2006 National Geographic Inside Film Award for Kanyini (2006)

London Australian Film



As seen in the press

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