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Best Documentary

Discovery Channel, Best Documentary, Inside Film Award (2006)

Glenfiddich, Independent Spirit, Inside Film Award for Kanyini (2006)

Glenfiddich, Independent Spirit, Inside Film Award


2006 National Geographic Inside Film Award for Kanyini (2006)

London Australian Film



Over 40,000 years of culture.

One philosophy that connects us all.

Kanyini Poster

Dive into the heart of Kanyini

An ancient philosophy that teaches us the power of connection, responsibility, and the intrinsic value of caring for all beings and the land that sustains us.

A necessary and beautiful film. Kanyini looks at the world’s oldest living culture in a way that’s never been seen before. A tale of Indigenous wisdom clashing against materialistic notions of progress, Kanyini is not only a story of one man and his people but of the human race. It is also a story that is fundamental for understanding contemporary Australia, for only by knowing our past and our present can we dream of a future which includes everyone.

Directed by

Melanie Hogan

Narrated by

Bob Randall

Produced by

Melanie Hogan

Bob Randall

Executive Producer

Lynda House

Cinematography by 

Denson Baker

Martin Lee

I think Kanyini is fantastic.

However you came to find Uncle Bob [Melanie], you did a great job letting him tell his story and the story of all our people's history. I think the movie showed that in listening to our Aboriginal leaders/elders we can learn an awful lot about the state of our nation. It's all in our history of black fella and white man. Uncle Bob takes you on this journey and you can't help but think 'What if the white man had learnt from these black fellas in the beginning?' How would Australia look today? I hope everyone else loves Kanyini as much as my family and I do.

- Adam Goodes, AFL Legend

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